My Story

This all started along before, if I remember, I  always have the digestive issues, on and off .  It gets worse when I don’t care about my eating habits. We can go to all the doctors but we never care about eating right, which was the main root cause problem. Being Punjabi, Green leafy verges are not regular part of my diet, still we always learn that we should eat fruits & green veges everyday. But during covid , health deteriorates more because of more sedentary lifestyle,not going out, stress.

I started growing veges to heal me, to divert my mind but it needs lot of patience& time.Then learned about Microgreens.Got amazed with instant results and love its intense flavors. Growing microgreens becomes a part of our daily life, never thought that Leafy greens would becomes a life mantra.

You must have noticed that kids learn& do what their parents do. I found my 3yrs old kid got so much interest in microgreens. She loves growing it & have it in her daily meals even though I never forced her .I didn’t know much about its benefits but i know that we are eating lots of greens in our diet everyday and that too raw as salad & used to garnish our veges/curries with it . We normally make greens once or twice in a week and now its everyday ritual to eat them.

This is actually paved a way towards healthy lifestyle. To remove junk for our diets. To try more healthy recipes. Learned more about the gut health, how it got affected by our eating habits. How green leafy veges help in maintaining the good microbiota in your gut. . It’s no more about loosing weight now, it’s more about being Fit & Healthy. When you are healthy from within, everything becomes magical in your life

It’s treasure that everyone should learn and have it with them. You will cherish it forever .

I have already started consuming the jaggery inspite of sugar , rock salt inspite of white salt, organic grocery,cold pressed oils after understanding how much processed they are . Still I found myself struggling with health as I  hadn’t  eliminated all the bad stuff from my diet. Other  diseases arises when your Gut is not healthy.  It’s very important to understand how your body machine works. How we are eating , Do we hybrid stuff unknowingly ?  We have to decide consciously how we can invest on our health.

As consumers, we can justify  with our wallets and purses. If we are prepared to change our purchasing habits, and start to grow at least some of our own needs, our communities would be so much healthier . Our future will be healthy. Future of our country will be healthy.

Now ,What I Do & YOU CAN Also do? 

-You can support backyard farmers, community gardens, local farmers markets and organic growers who are practising the sustainable  farming activities  

-Eat local and buy local & in-season produce.

-Best of all, GROW YOUR OWN FOOD!


A fresh, Healthy, Safe & Highly Nutritious Food would end up in your plate . A small step towards much healthier life, not for you, its for your whole family”

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My Vision 

First i want all kids to eat greens & stay healthy in their  life. we had eaten alot better but nowdays everything is adulterated and with the availability of vast  information ,we  just get confused . Lets stick to basic . We can grow own microgreens ,our kids can grow this and indulge in it too . 

My passion is teaching people how to grow good health to prevent a major health crisis like most experiecing nowdays .Balance your Body , Balance your Mind. There is lot wrong with our food system and why we all need to change our thinking and eating habits for long term health … and what YOU can do to improve your own health right now.

“A wise man ought to realise that health is his most valuable possession.” 

We are what we eat.” No doubt you’ve heard this before! We only get one body, one life. So doesn’t it make sense to nourish our bodies with living foods?

“We all have a choice about what we consume, what we eat and how we live – and the consequences may include sickness or wellbeing.

We were brought up to care about our environment, be resourceful, live simply and have an appreciation for the benefits of alternative health therapies.”

We aim to inspire urbanites to participate in the sustainable food movement by growing their own food I.e microgreens &greens . This leads to adopting healthier diets and also contributes to environmental and economic sustainability of their communities.