Why we need to grow Microgreens 

  • Green leafy veges are well known for their phytochemical content which help them to fight against pest & disease attack. Nowadays, with the modern farming & cultivation process, there is loss of over 40%of these nutrients. Therefore, when we grow & eat our own organically grown, nutrient dense leafy greens, it boosts our immunity too.


  • A diet rich in fruits, herbs and leafy greens heals our body, mind & Soul. We are what we eat.


  • In this pandemic situation, WHO suggests to do activities that one enjoys. Growing Microgreens can be engaging and brings calmness to the mind.


  • Microgreens helps in protecting your body from bad bacteria, as it feeds your Gut with  good bacteria, it helps to fight against gut infections and inflammation, control food allergies and intolerances, support a healthy immune response, and seal the leaks in your gut.

Benefits of Growing Microgreens 

  •  Easy to grow: -Grow your Microgreens in just 7 -10  days  depending on quality & variety of seed.

  •  Less space or no space: You can use any corner of your house to grow number of plants in a tiny area.

  •  Only 5mins a day: Almost no cost, time and effort required for growing these superfood  greens.

  •  Best Solution for Urban Gardening: Perfect solution for city dwellers & people with no room or time for a garden.

  •  No requiremnt direct Sunlight:  You just need access to  well lit place , a sieve or any disposable container  water and a growing medium.

  • Suitable for all climates: Growth is little slow in winters but still with tips & tricks , we can make it grow faster. Produce fresh living greens for salads, soups and garnishes all your veges & curries

  • Indoor edible garden: You can grow microgreens indoors on a windowsill or kitchen corner. They are also suited to a mini greenhouse, or outdoors on your balcony,  with no need for a garden.

  • Highly Nutritious Food: Microgreens contain digestible vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that provide a wide variety of nutritional health benefits. They are packed with flavour, colour, texture, living enzymes and nutrients.

Scientific Facts & Health benefits of Growing Microgreens  

According to a 2012 research study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry*, “In general, microgreens contain considerably higher concentrations of vitamins and carotenoids than their mature plant counterparts, although large variations were found among the 25 species tested. In comparison with nutritional concentrations in mature leaves, the microgreen cotyledon leaves possessed higher nutritional densities.”

  •  No loss of nutrient value. When you harvest your microgreens just before serving, this maximizes nutrients.

  •  Variety of flavours/textures. Microgreens have a delicate crunchy texture and can be used as garnishes to add flavour and colour.

  •  Fantastic value. Many varieties will regrow and produce several harvests.

Microgreen seeds Variety 

Seeds easily available in Indian Kitchen pantary :

Green Mung

Black Channa


Urad Dal

Chick Peas
















  Sorrel. However, you are certainly not limited to these!

 Exotic Varieties of Microgreens

Grow your own ultimate Superfood Microgr