You know , Our body needs a variety of macro and micronutrients as fuel and building blocks for its functioning, which is missed in your regular diet and this will be cover up by MICROGREENS -A living greens , A superfood . 

Grow your own Organic ,Fresh,Nutrient dense Microgreens in 7-10Days without using Soil, compost or any Pot . Yes learn the Hydroponic procedure to grow microgreens.

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What you consume, consumes You;

What consume you, controls your life 


LIFE IS A ROLLER COASTER , You just keep on experimenting or trying many diets , googling to know more about health , confused with vast and contradictorry information on internet about health & wellness & to increase the immunity speacially in covid time and finally end up with nothing .

The most simple basic things we dont follow ,i.e stop eating junk food , eat healthy & fresh , eat lot of greens & do excercise . I also ignored all this for long time and then . 


You must be wondering now , now what this blaaa is ???

Everytime health industry comes up with new things, sometimes vegan, keto , Intermittent Fasting etc. Thing is, new research, scientific experiments are being done to deal with rise in health problems & to find the solutions for the problems as allopathy has its own major drwbacks on one's health & we can cure most of our problems by working on our diet which most of the people are unable to do because of lack of motivation & understanding of basic diet and  health problems .All health problem can be solved when your gut is healed.This can be done by

- detoxification ,

- balancing the gut Microbiota,

- Nourishing your body with nutrient dense food &

- most importantly eliminating the bad food

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 Here Microgreens are not related with any diet . Its just about including & growing the fresh organic greens in your diet which has huge benefits and we are learning this since childhood that we should eat Greens everyday.Are we??  

Its more important that microgreens should be part  of your  kids diet who are nowadays mostly devoid of greens and they will love it because of its flavour & tenderness. Let this be part of your family regimen as its most nutritious,simple and easy to grow .Its that simple & logically it should be part of your everyday life.

Power of microgreens is so immense, they not only boost our immunity but can also prevents us from  cancer, diabetes and many more  diseases . Best of all, growing Microgreens requires minimal space, sunshine, time(only 5mins  in a day ) .They add color, taste and freshness to all curries , veges and  salads, soups and sandwiches .

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Wondering,what Microgreens are? 

MICROGREENS are flavorful,tender,edible immature greens.These baby greens are the seedling produced by sprouting the seeds of plants like vegetables, leafy  greens,lentils,herbs etc.If left to grow they become fully grown vegetable.But we harvest Microgreens,when they are 3-4 inches tall after 1-2 weeks and are 40 times more nutritious than their mature counterparts, making them a treasury of vitamins, antioxidants, and many other health promoting nutrients

Learn About various Microgreens we can grow from our Kitchen seeds like Dal,Mustard,Channa

You will learn everything from sowing till harvesting to recipes by using microgreens in this Workshop

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I had an amazing experience with growing microgreens. I like gardening and I always wanted to grow my own food. However i was not able to grow vegetables and other herbs because they require a lot of maintenance and space.

Microgreens looks like a great alternative. Besides good amount of nutriention, it also teaches you the art of patience and waiting☺️

Loved how you guided the past week in helping us grow our own set of microgreens. Thank you ☺️ 

I would definitely recommend it to my friends, in fact I did forward the participation message to them as well.

Thanks again for this wonderful gardening time😘☺️


Dear Harsimran,
It's been a superb experience and thank you for your guidance and encouragement throughout. 
Initially I was a bit sceptical about doing an offline workshop but now am glad I did. Thank you so much and hoping we continue the journey and help each other learn more about this.

I would also like to mention that you've been very patient and involved with each member's journey. Thanks for that 😊


Thanks a Ton Simran for giving us the opportunity to learn this beautiful process of growing micro greens.. 
These 7 days were so refreshing and rejuvinating. Everyday started with a new motivation, belief, faith and love to see these babies grow.
Thank u for bringing another step closer to nature and healthy living.
You are a terrific mentor with an optimistic approach. This has made our experience more lively and fun filled.
Loads of love to you😊🤗


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